A Brkich Design Group project. This new marketing campaign is a collaboration between the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, Visit Beaver County, Brkich Design Group and many other organizations who all have a passion for local businesses and the unique qualities they bring to their towns. 
Since Beaver County is a post-industrial area, the logo design features vintage-inspired typography which is still seen all around the towns on ghost signs and old buildings. Beaver County is on the outskirts of Pittsburgh in an area that is surrounded by trees and nature. We all thought that the idea of being "rooted" would be familiar to the locals and would fit well into their existing view of the area. The logo suite is broad, allowing the brand to be used in many different ways, from large signage to social media. 
Rooted Locally gives local business owners access to free tools including downloadable kits of print and digital graphics that business owners can use in their own spaces.

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