Hey, I'm Amy.
Thanks for checking out my work!
I'm a digital designer with roots in traditional mediums. I grew up lovingly crafting things by hand: exploring things like sewing, paper-crafting, and woodworking, among others. Now, I use these experiences as design inspiration and frequently add personal touches to my work by creating handmade elements. 

My interest of incorporating ‘the human element’ into design pairs nicely with User Experience, where I can dive into the ‘why’ behind great solutions.

Right now, I'm working on settling into my new role as 'mom' to a little boy.

Some of my favorite things: Cooking, nature-inspired color palettes, growing veggies, coffee and tea (who says you have to choose?)

Thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to hear about your next great project idea. Send me a message at hello@amyeschaffer.com
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